Following twenty three years in the field of education, with eight of these being a successful Head Teacher of two independent schools, I am now using the acquired skills and experiences to assist people in realising their potential, both personally and professionally.

LCT works primarily in two areas. Education Coaching and Individual Life Coaching

As a professional coach, I am totally committed to helping you achieve what you desire in all areas of your life, with particular specialisms linked to education. You may be new to the profession and finding that their expectations are not being met. You could be an experienced teacher who is increasingly disillusioned and looking for new challenges within teaching. You may be a leader who is looking to get the best from both staff and children.

Other coaching in the area of education could be helping children and adults through various transition points in their journey through education and into a career.

Coaching could also include assisting parents and children with family matters which need to be resolved, e.g. behaviour issues, performance at school and attitudes within the family dynamic.

LCT will not just help people via its specialist areas. Other areas may include coaching people who are experiencing issues with their work/life balance, health, career, separation or divorce from a partner or perhaps you’re a parent who wishes to return to or develop your career after bringing up the kids.

Coaching is a relationship that is both confidential and life changing. I will help you discover deep, powerful, long lasting and natural change, enabling you to become the person that you want to become.

My aim is to assist you in creating your own solutions, arriving at your own answers and discovering your true self. I will challenge you at times to deepen your awareness of who you are and what you want. The outcome will be that you will be provided with the opportunity to realise your dreams.

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Andrew Plant