Leadership Coaching in Schools

An exciting development at LCT - We are now in the position to offer coaching to children and young people.

After many years of working with children in mainstream and SEN settings, Andrew has gained the skills and aptitude to successfully work with the 6-18 year old age group. He now wants to use these skills, along with recent training in personal and business coaching, to help children (and parents) to develop their lives. Areas where coaching would be appropriate include:

  • Self-esteem

  • Friendships

  • Social interaction

  • Self-belief

  • Stress management

  • Confidence building

  • Self-Doubt

  • Anxiety

  • School problems

  • Family difficulties

  • Parent separation

  • Resilience

Contact LCT to discuss how you and your child could benefit.

www.lifecoachtoday.co.uk or Tel: 01952 929026

Andrew Plant