Career Development or Change

Why do we seek career development? - Improved self esteem? Increased self confidence? Promotion? Better finances? Being a role model for the family? A better quality of life?

We can all come up with different reasons for wanting our careers to develop. Some people seem to breeze their way up the career ladder whilst many are left wondering why that last interview didn't quite work out.

Perhaps you’ve had the same career for many years and it’s now time for a change?

Life Coaching can put you back on the path of positivity. A bespoke programme will look into your thinking, your skills and your goals. As long as you can be committed and show the desire, it will help you to achieve the goals that you previously thought may never be possible.

Based on my love for the profession and many years of experience, I particularly specialise in coaching teachers and education professionals. It could be those who are finding that their expectations are not being met, through to more experienced teachers and leaders who want their school to improve. I am currently working with School Improvement Providers, Primary and SEN schools throughout the country.

The world of education is a wonderful one and my aim is to help teachers and leaders to rediscover or develop the motivation and inspiration that will enable them to provide all children with a love for learning.