Coaching the Teacher

The world of teaching is an extremely busy and one which can be very stressful at times. As a teacher, how often have you wished that you could objectively talk to someone who not only understands your situation but can also help you to do something about it?

Coaching via LCT can provide you with such a person! Andrew is an experienced Teacher and Head Teacher who has now developed the LCT coaching business with the intention of ‘being there’ to allow the hard working teachers to view their profession with clarity and purpose. Through coaching, the love of teaching can be developed or even revitalised!

As with all coaching, whether it be at your place of work or via a meeting at a suitable place, all 1:1 sessions are held in a strictly confidential manner. There will be times when your views are challenged and powerful questions asked but these will encourage you to consider your professional life in an objective and clear way - one which provides purpose and meaning for your future.