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 SLT Coaching Ltd offers three services

Designing Bespoke CPD Programmes

Coaching is recognised in the world of education as a powerful tool which aids the development of all staff.

Ofsted recently commented on a school’s commitment to personalised training and development through coaching, stating that the programme offered “exceptionally tailored coaching and training … of the very highest standard”.

Coaching School Leaders

Currently coaching and training leadership teams in primary schools as part of the Leading Together Programme via Teach First. This includes the design and implementation of a bespoke and ongoing coaching programme within the school.

Reviews of this service have been excellent .

Training the SLT to coach

Coaching supports collective leadership across a school system. An essential feature of coaching is that it uses the relationships between the SLT and teachers to create the conversation that leads to behavioral, pedagogical and content knowledge change. You'll learn the most efficient way to coach teachers and colleagues so that they will perform at their very best.


Training the SLT to Coach

Why develop a coaching model in your school?

Teachers’ learning and development underpins school improvement and provides a vehicle for raising achievement and attainment. Helen Timperley (2009) identified the following core principles:

·      Teachers to experience and develop understanding of an integration of knowledge and skills

·      Teachers to gain multiple opportunities to learn and apply information

·      Teacher’s beliefs to be challenged by evidence which is not consistent with their assumptions

·      Teachers to have opportunities to process new learning with others

Effective coaching can provide all of the above. It is a means to celebrate and share good practice, whilst also allowing an individual to work on their own areas of development. By giving the individual teacher ownership over this development, coaching is not seen as threatening.

Just as every child is important, every teacher is important too. Teacher wellbeing is a core concern for all school leaders. Although teacher wellbeing is a complex dynamic, it is largely influenced by their sense of worth, confidence in their own abilities and opportunity to make a significant contribution to the school community. Effective coaching allows the individual to feel that constant development is attainable, whilst being subtle in holding them to account over that development.

If a teacher feels an element of ownership over their professional development, job satisfaction is more likely to occur. As this happens, teaching and learning will improve! 

For the school to consider

Coaching is the way forward.

Taken with reference to

-       All new staff to the school, including every NQT, School Direct and Teach First teacher be part of a coaching programme, in addition to their induction process.

-       To include zero paperwork in the process – other than a specific script, designed by the Coach/Head and the Coaches report to the Head Teacher.

-       For each session to be no more than 20 minutes in duration to be based on how the coachee/teacher wishes to professionally improve – 1 target only. This is all the coach would look for during the observation.

-       Feedback would be given as soon as possible afterwards.

-       To offer each teacher one period per month for the coach to observe a session and give feedback – it is not compulsory.

-       To develop a diagnostic report to help gather a picture of teaching and learning.


** Coaching is not performance management! If it is used to address concerns about weak teaching, it will inevitably be viewed unfavourably by the teachers.

Ø  Does coaching appear in the School Development Plan and CPD programme?

Ø  Is the programme compulsory or offered to teachers who wish to take part? Research suggests that the latter is preferable!

Ø  Is the purpose of coaching clear to both the coach and the teacher?

Ø  Has a coaching review taken place? If so, what has it told you about coaching in the school? – coaching is most productive when offered as a cycle rather than a one-off event.

Ø  Who is best placed to lead the coaching development? Can the leadership team be trained as effective coaches and released for regular coaching sessions or is it better to employ an external coach?

Ø  How will it make a difference to teaching and learning? How can this be monitored and recorded?


About SLT Coaching Ltd

As school leaders and teachers, we all go through many shifts in our careers, some are wonderful and some more challenging. As a result of such shifts, our roles need ongoing purpose and development.

We all have limiting beliefs which can often linger and prevent us from achieving. We have all had experiences which have moulded these limiting beliefs. Based on his experience as a Head Teacher and Teacher, your Coach will encourage you to realise that you have many opportunities, you can be creative and you can overcome the obstacles which seem to stand on your path. Working with Andrew can make the difference between ongoing development and stagnation. He will help you to develop a clear vision of the future you desire.

He will listen, empathise and assist you to become the leader/teacher that you really want to be. You will discover what you want, professionally or personally, and realise that your current skills, experience and your drive for the future can provide you with such aspirations.

When necessary you will be challenged in order for you to realise your potential. The journey will not be one where magic dust is sprinkled and all of your dreams immediately come true. You will need to play a major role in your own development.


What benefits can be gained?                  

  •   Improved Self-Esteem                    

  • Improved Work/Life Balance                                       

  • Personal and Leadership development

  •   Increased confidence


Specialist Areas of your Coach

  • School Development

  • School Leadership Development

  • Teacher Development

  • Training the SLT to Coach


How It Works

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Why is it worth it?

School Leaders and Teachers provide a service which is second to none. They provide knowledge, wisdom and opportunity for every child in Britain who attends a mainstream or independent school.

At times, this can be a role where it is difficult to see the woods for the trees. Effective coaching provides the clarity of vision and forward thinking that not only benefits the school or individual teacher but also the children and young people that they serve.



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