School Leadership Coaching

Coaching for Kids and Young People

Personal Development Coaching for Adults

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 LCT offers three services

Individual Coaching - Achieve Your Personal Goals

All successful people want to achieve personal goals. Whether you want to overcome trauma, stress or anger management issues or develop positive habits, achievements provide fulfilment.

Effective coaching can be a major part of your achievement.

Coaching in Schools

Having worked as a Teacher and Head Teacher for nearly thirty years, I now specialise in training/coaching school leaders to take on the coaching ethos in their roles. This promotes the implementation of learning and accountability amongst their staff which, in turn, can improve teaching and learning for all concerned.

Coaching for Kids and Young People

Is your child unhappy but doesn’t want to talk to you about what’s upsetting them? Do you want to change the behaviour of your child but you don’t know how? Have you and your child run out of ideas to solve the problem and need some fresh new ones? Could your child benefit from learning new life skills but you don’t have the time or the know-how to do so? Coaching could be the answer.



Coaching is increasingly used by leaders, individuals and parents/children who want to achieve more with their lives but it is not limited to such people. We can all benefit from Coaching like we can all benefit from exercise!


About LCT

We all go through many shifts in our lives, some are wonderful and some more challenging. They could be professional, related to family, friends or our lifestyles. Perhaps a transition in our working hours, a major change at home or a re-evaluation of finances. As a result of such shifts, our lives need ongoing purpose and development.

We all have limiting beliefs which can often linger and prevent us from achieving. We have all had experiences which have moulded these limiting beliefs. Your Coach will encourage you to realise that you have many opportunities, you can be creative and you can overcome the obstacles which seem to stand on your path. Working with a professional coach can make the difference between ongoing development and giving up. Your Coach will help you to develop a clear vision of the future you desire.

They will listen, empathise and assist you to become the person that you really want to be. We will discover what you want in life and realise that your current skills, experience and your drive for the future can provide you with such aspirations.

When necessary you will be challenged in order for you to realise your potential. The journey will not be one where magic dust is sprinkled and all of your dreams immediately come true. You will need to play a major role in your own development.


What benefits can be gained?                  

  •   Improved Self-Esteem                    

  • Improved Work/Life Balance                                       

  • Personal and Leadership development

  •   Increased confidence


Specialist Areas of our Life Coach

  • School leadership and teacher Development

  • Children and Young People Coaching

  • Adult Personal Development


How It Works

If you’re new to Coaching then you probably have some questions. Click the button below to to see our FAQ's & fees


Why is it worth it?

Simple answer ... because you are worth it!

If your car isn't performing to its full potential you take it to a garage.

If your investments are not performing well you see an IFA.

If you want to maximise your fitness goals you book a programme with a personal trainer.

A Coach is trained to help you to become the person you want to be -   as long as you are willing to put the required effort into your life!

Whether you are 12 or 92 ... you are worth it!



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